Meet Yesenia

5105360_1436312201.3797LGBTQ migrants in Phoenix are at the crossroads of racist, anti-migrant, trans- and homophobic attitudes and legislation.

Those in detention disproportionately face human rights abuses, yet Immigration and Customs Enforcement has demonstrated little ability or desire to create even minimally humane conditions within the detention system. Trans people are categorically misgendered, and detained LGBTQ individuals suffer epidemic levels of sexual, verbal, physical and psychological violence, often with no outside support or encouragement.


That’s why we’re supporting the Phoenix-based Arcoíris Liberation Team as they support detained LGBTQ community members by sending letters of encouragement and raising funds for bond payments.

A letter of support can be a lifeline for those going through an experience that often includes torture and mistreatment. And support to pay bonds is the only thing that will actually get those individuals out of a dangerous situation so they can return to their families and fight their cases.

Yesenia is a lesbian woman who escaped an abusive past in El Salvador, seeking a better life for herself and her children in the United States. She was detained at Arizona’s Eloy Detention Center, where she has been for about a year. As a lesbian, she faces abuse and violence at Eloy, and in September of 2013, she faced sexual assault.

The complaint she filed has received no attention from officials, and Yesenia has since faced additional harassment from officers and fears her situation may grow even more dire.

A donation of $10 will help get her out of this dangerous environment. Any funds raised past the amount of Yesenia’s bond will be used to pay the bonds of other detained LGBTQ migrants.

Click here to read more about Yesenia’s story and contribute to her bond payment.

After you donate, you can send a letter or card with a note of encouragement to Yesenia. Let her know that you supported her case and that you and hundreds others are standing with her and speaking out against the inhumane treatment of LGBTQ individuals in detention centers.

Send a letter of encouragement to Yesenia at:
Yesenia ℅ Arcoíris Liberation Team
P.O. Box 34624
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Thank you for your support of Yesenia and of LGBTQ migrants across Arizona.

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