The four videos below were created to shine a light on some of the most unjust practices in our current immigration system, from Operation Streamline to workforce raids, and how these programs and policies harm communities across Arizona. Watch as TWiB’s Elon James White reports from Arizona …

Over the last 10 years, the number of deaths in the Arizona desert has skyrocketed. Increased militarization of our borders has done nothing to deter people from crossing; it only makes it more treacherous to do so. Watch the video and learn about the massive humanitarian crisis that’s happening within the boundaries of the United States.

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Unjust practices like workplace raids instill terror in communities across Arizona and strip away dignity and human rights. And while some undocumented immigrants are able to apply for status through programs like DACA, thousands more are excluded from the process entirely. Meet some of the brave activists who are stepping out of the shadows against these unjust policies and fighting for their families, their communities and, at times, their own lives.

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Laws inspired by Arizona’s SB 1070 invite rampant racial profiling against Latinos and others presumed to be “foreign” based on how they look. Those who get caught up in the detention system are often subject to inhumane conditions, slapped with a felony charge and denied due process if they dare fight their immigration case. Hear more about the human rights violations occurring within the American detention and deportation system.

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Through a program called Operation Streamline, unauthorized migrants face criminal prosecution, potential prison sentences and deportation, making illegal re-entry the most commonly filed federal charge in America. Watch and learn more about this little-known process that costs $120 million in court proceedings and more than $50 million for detention and incarceration per year in Arizona alone.

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