18 Delicious Grain-Free Recipes to Boost Gut Health

You heard it here first—gut health is hot. And though there’s certainly no “one size fits all” path to a healthy gut, many people (self included) are discovering that there is a major link between a grain-free diet and gut health. I know: you might be throwing up your hands saying “But I thought we were supposed to be eating “healthy whole grains?” Well, hate to break it to you, but the world of nutrition recommendations can be confusing annd often require some level of trial and error to discover what works best for your own unique body.

Why eliminate grains?

While grains aren’t “bad,” we’re focusing on how specific foods make you feel. My goal is to eat in a way that supports my overall health, and for my particular digestive system — and I’m learning, a lot of other people’s too — grains can be very hard on the GI tract.

I share a lot more in my article about the effects of a grain-free diet on gut health, but to make a very long story short: when I stopped eating grains, my longstanding digestive symptoms went away. And I’m not the only one: Dr. William Davis says in his book Super Gut (which I highly recommend for anyone dealing with unresolved digestive issues):

“Wheat and grain elimination removes an extravagant source of intestinal inflammation and begins the process of healing your GI tract. ”

What makes a food “grain-free?”

A grain-free diet is a little more all-encompassing than a gluten-free diet, and it’s different than having celiac disease or a gluten-intolerance. Eating “grain-free” means eliminating gluten and wheat, and also corn, oats, quinoa, rice, buckwheat, rye, amaranth, and barley. Many popular diets (including paleo, Whole30, and keto) eliminate grains because of their inflammatory effects and tendency to spike blood sugar.

I shared my own sample grain-free meal plan last month, and now I’m following it up with lots more grain-free recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and yes, even dessert. Scroll on, and don’t forget to leave a comment and rating if you give any of these a try.


Grain-Free Zucchini Muffins

Why We Love It: One of the grain-free recipes I’ve had on repeat is these zucchini muffins. When it comes to healthy grain-free and gluten-free muffin recipes, these are at the top of my list—packed with nutrient-rich ingredients with a touch of sweetness from dark chocolate and brown sugar. This recipe only takes 20 minutes from start to finish, making it a great option for early risers or an on-the-go morning snack.

Hero Ingredient: Shredded coconut enhances the texture of these breakfast bites.

grain-free granola_grain free recipes

Grain-Free Granola

Why We Love It: Whether you’re looking for a quick and healthy breakfast or an afternoon snack, this grain-free granola has you covered. With no added grains or sugars, it helps keep blood sugar balanced all day without the stress. Simply bake until golden brown and enjoy throughout the week! Try it in my favorite high-protein snack.

Hero Ingredient: Any seeds or nuts of your choice will enhance the flavor and texture of this granola, so feel free to mix and match depending on what you’re craving.

raspberry energy bites

Raspberry Cocoa Energy Bites

Why We Love It: Sometimes, craving a sweet breakfast can be a challenge if you’re also trying to control your blood sugar spikes. Enter—these flavor-packed energy bites. With an added layer of indulgence from the freeze-dried raspberries, they’ll satisfy all your cravings without the sugar crash by noon. And they make the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for those mornings you’re rushing out the door.

Hero Ingredient: Medjool dates are a surprising yet highly underrated element of sweetness.


strawberry caprese salad_gluten free recipes

Strawberry Caprese Salad

Why We Love It: This no-cook salad is a great way to romanticize your grain-free lunch hour. A few tips: macerate the strawberries with honey and zest a tad bit of lemon into your salad to brighten things up. This is also a perfect salad if you’re having friends over—set it in the middle of the table and serve with rosé.

Hero Ingredient: Creamy, decadent burrata, obviously.

bitter greens citrus proscuitto salad_grain free recipes

Bitter Greens Citrus Prosciutto Salad

Why We Love It: Aside from being simply stunning, this prosciutto salad with vitamin-packed bitter greens is a recipe you should definitely add to your repertoire. Opt for a wide variety of citrus to enhance the aesthetic and give this dish juicy sweetness all year round.

Hero Ingredient: Parmesan cheese is a must-have for that salty, nutty flavor.

grapefruit avocado salad

Grapefruit Avocado Salad

Why We Love It: I’m a big fan of salads that are hearty enough to be a main dish, and this grapefruit avocado salad does just that. With a blend of chickpeas, feta, and citrus fruits, and topped with a golden honey-turmeric dressing, this flavor combo is actually addictive.

Hero Ingredient: Golden beets are gorgeous, delicious, and a bit milder than their dark red counterparts.


vegetarian chickpea stew_gluten free recipes

Vegetarian Chickpea Stew

Why We Love It: When you’re looking to cozy in with one of the heartiest grain-free recipes for a chilly night, this vegetarian chickpea stew will be your BFF. It’s got a squeeze of lemon to keep it fresh, packed with Indian-inspired spices, and incredibly savory, as any good comfort food should be.

Hero Ingredient: The fresh herbs make this soup exceptional and balance the richness.

vegan butternut squash soup

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

Why We Love It: Need a reset? This vegan butternut squash soup is the recipe I always turn to when I’m feeling run-down. The aromatics of this soup give it a flavor that’s unlike your typical broth blend. Bonus—this recipe freezes perfectly, making it perfect to enjoy whenever you need an added bit of comfort.

Hero Ingredient: Coconut milk is what gives this soup its creaminess without the dairy.

chicken and winter vegetable stew_grain free recipes

Chicken and Winter Vegetable Stew

Why We Love It: When the weather turns cloudy, I to this chicken and winter soup. It’s a grain-free recipes that’s perfect for gloomy conditions and sick days. And it’s quite honestly the best variety of chicken and veggie soup I’ve ever tried and it makes packing in plenty of filling and nourishing foods a breeze.

Hero Ingredient: Don’t skip the tarragon—it gives this soup that certain depth of flavor.

coconut curry red lentil stew_gluten free recipes

Coconut Curry Red Lentil Stew

Why We Love It: A weekly grain-free go-to, this stew is loved by our whole household. It’s simple yet satisfying enough to keep you full (unlike many soups out there.) Make sure to read the post for tips on how to prepare lentils to avoid the notorious gas and bloating they can sometimes cause.

Hero Ingredient: A high-quality curry powder is a quick route to major depth of flavor in this soup.


grilled shrimp tacos_gluten free recipes

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Why We Love It: Come summer, you’ll find us making as many meals as possible on the grill. These shrimp tacos are one of my favorite things to throw on the barbecue on a gorgeous spring or summer night. Topped with grapefruit avocado salsa and paired with grain-free tortillas, these tacos are perfect for serving to a crowd.

Hero Ingredient: You’ll want to put this grapefruit-avocado on everything. And don’t forget that if you’re eating grain-free, you’ll want to swap cassava tortillas instead of corn—my favorites are from Siete.

hot honey glazed salmon with coconut crunch

Hot Honey Glazed Salmon with Coconut Crunch

Why We Love It: By subbing cauliflower rice in place of normal jasmine or basmati rice, this salmon bowl can easily be a grain-free dinner that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy. The salmon itself is incredibly simple to throw together, and the crunchy and spicy toppings take it over the top.

Hero Ingredient: Hot honey is one of my favorite ingredients of the year—it makes everything more delicious!

sweet potato harvest hash

Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Harvest Hash

Why We Love It: Sheet pan meals are one of my favorite ways to keep dinner simple on a weeknight—and clean-up almost nonexistent! This sheet pan harvest hash includes filling Italian sausage, caramelizada root veggies and creamy goat cheese. It’s a major crowd pleaser.

Hero Ingredient: I love using Italian sausage in quick and easy dishes since it’s already packed full of flavor from the spices and fennel.

lemony sheet pan chicken

Lemony Sheet Pan Chicken and Artichokes

Why We Love It: With a stunningly simple array of ingredients and an even easier baking process, this sheet pan chicken is a must-add recipe to your grain-free menu. Roast your pan of ingredients at 325 degrees for an hour, then crank the temperature up to 500 degrees for an additional 10 – 15 minutes for crispy, golden skin, and voila! Dinner is served.

Hero Ingredient: Roasting cherry tomatoes concentrates the flavor and creates almost a “sauce” for the other ingredients.

sweet potato black bean chili_gluten free recipes

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Why We Love It: This vegetarian chili recipe is packed full of spices, and the plant-based protein will fuel you without leaving you feeling stuffed. This one is a go-to when I’m craving something hearty but eating really healthy.

Hero Ingredient: This one is all about the toppings—in addition to the spicy jalapeño and creamy avocado, I use Siete grain-free tortilla chips and crumble on top for that classic chili flavor.


salted caramel pots de creme

Salted Caramel Pots de Creme

Why We Love It: Thanks to their creamy texture and butterscotch flavor, these salted caramel pots de creme are the perfect dessert for any special occasion. Gluten-free baking can be tricky, so I love that these rely on creamy, egg yolks, and butter for their flavor (I never claimed they were “healthy” per se, hehe.) Try them—they’re absolutely delicious.

Hero Ingredient: Vanilla extract totally works here, but if you can source vanilla bean paste, it gives this dessert a wonderful depth of flavor.

salted chocolate cake

Salted Chocolate Cake

Why We Love It: One of the best creations to come out of my grain-free journey is this gluten-free cake recipe. Yes, you may have had sub-par gluten-free desserts in the past, but this cake is beloved by my entire family—it will not let you down when you’re craving something really decadent.

Hero Ingredient: A pinch of flaky salt is an amazing complement to the chocolate frosting.

honey-grilled peaches

Honey-Grilled Peaches

Why We Love It: Especially if you’re as excited for summer as I am, these grilled peaches are one of the best grain-free recipes that take almost zero effort. Grilling fruit is highly underrated, and this 5-ingredient dessert is truly special.

Hero Ingredient: The drizzle of honey at the end is positively decadent.

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