29 Pretty Fall Dresses That Are Highly Likely to Sell Out By October

I think we can all agree that the topic of pretty dresses needn’t only be discussed in the summer. Dresses are just as imperative in the fall—except instead of sandals you may be wearing them with boots, and they may partially be covered up with a coat (sorry, dresses). 

As one does when they’re a fashion editor, I’ve been searching the internet high and low for the fairest dresses of them all. And the internet did not let me down, as I found myself passing over quite a few pretty dresses while narrowing down the options. Among the brands present and accounted for are Réalisation Par, Reformation, J.Crew, and Doên. Some of the dresses I chose to show you are great for special occasions such as weddings while others are perfectly suitable for everyday wear. Whatever dress need you have, prepare to find the prettiest version in the slideshow below.

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