31 Transitional Fall Items I Can't Stop Thinking About—Boots, Sweaters, and More

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days until fall. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy summer as much as the next person, but the excessive heat we’ve experienced this summer has been quite limiting in the wardrobe department. The name of the game has been minimal clothing, which doesn’t leave much room for outfit innovation. This lack of possibility has left me feeling creatively stifled, so the prospect of cooler temperatures is thrilling.

We have another few weeks of back-and-forth weather until we reach true fall temps (at least here in California), so I’m mentally preparing my transitional outfits. The key to transitional dressing for me is keeping some aspects of summer while adding one component of fall—for example, wearing my favorite summer dress with a pair of fall boots, layering a lightweight jacket over a miniskirt, or throwing a chunky knit over your shoulders with your maxi skirt. You get the idea.

This mix of summer and fall pieces allows you to blend the best parts of both seasons while the temperatures fluctuate. Since these outfit combinations have been running through my mind lately, I’ve started my fall shopping by paying particular attention to the pieces that can be mixed in with my summer wardrobe. Below, I’m highlighting the 31 best transitional fall items to add to your cart ahead of the season, from suede boots to lightweight sweaters to knit dresses.  

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