6 Spring Colour Combinations to Try If You Want to Look On-Trend in 2024

We get it—a colourful wardrobe isn’t to everyones taste, and when black goes with everything, why change the habit of a lifetime? But as someone who used to rely on the same neutral basics on rotation (white tees, black jackets and beige blazers), keeping up to date with runway trends has been an inspiring way to learn how to factor more colours into my own wardrobe. For those experimenting for the first time or even seasoned pros, It can be tricky to work out which colour pairings make sense and which are an eyesore, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Spring is the perfect time talk to fresh, new colours, so we started by looking at some of the season’s biggest colours trends, and seeing how they pair up together.

Before you balk at the mention of say, lime green, remember that even small pops of colour count (so you needn’t wear head-to-toe), and one grounding like shade grey or beige can act as the foundation of outfit, and introducing a bright can help lift the tone. It’s all about making it feel entirely yours. So, if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your look this spring, keep scrolling to see six colour combinations you won’t regret trying. Let us know how you get on.

1.. Camel and Cherry Red

(Image credit: Ermanno Scervino; Launchmetrics)

Style Notes: What do you get when you pair 2023’s biggest colour trend with a timeless classic? The luxe combination of camel and cherry red. No matter how you wear them, this duo look polished, but we particularly like Ermanno Scervino and Gucci’s approach by bringing a camel outfit up-to-date with glossy, dark red accessories.

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2. Pear Green and Tan

spring colour combinations 2024

(Image credit: Jil Sander; Launchmetrics)

Style Notes: Greens come into their own in spring, and whether you gravitate towards khakis, olives, or sages, they always feel fresh with versatile tan. Not only perfect for the sunnier months, this combination works well into autumn too, particularly when piecing boxy tailoring like utility jackets, wide-leg trousers and trench coats.

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3. Greige and Sky Blue

spring colour combinations

(Image credit: Ferragamo; Launchmetrics)

Style Notes: Who saw sky blue coming as one of 2024’s breakout colour trends? Well, we did actually, but if you’re wondering how to style up such a statement colour, the answer already lies in the back of yoru wardrobe. Greige might not be considered “exciting”, but it gives black a run for it’s money in the versatility stakes. You might not be ready to commit to blue shoes a la Ferragamp, but a crisp blue shirt and neutral trousers will also do the trick.

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4. Burgundy and White

spring colour combinations

(Image credit: Versace; Launchmetrics)

Style Notes: We’ve already sang the virtues of burgundy quite a few times in recent months, but just like camel and red, this deep wine hue looks supremely expensive when worn with a clean base like white. You can’t go wrong with this pairing in just about any iteration: knits and trousers, suits and bags, dresses and sandals, but there’s something about patent burgundy in the form of leather or a vinyl coat that really stands out from the crowd.

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5: Lime Green and Denim Blue

spring colour combinations

(Image credit: Gucci; Launchmetrics)

Style Notes: Okay wallflowers, this might not be one for you, but there’s something about sunny weather that calls for citrus brights and lime green cropped up in more 2024 collections than the previous year. A sign perhaps that quiet luxury has had it’s moment and now we’re ready for a zesty palette cleanser. My advice? Making zingy brights feel a little more wearable by grounding them with easy blue denim.

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6. Peach and Grey

spring colour combinations

(Image credit: 16arlington; Launchmetrics)

Style Notes: Grey might have come back in a big way over winter, but we’ve been trying to find new ways to wear it that feel less “corporate” and more “chic”—now, thanks to the likes of 16arlington and Alaïa, we’ve found it. Blush and charcoal, peach and slate, this combo wouldn’t be out of place in the office or a dinner event, just add a slingback heel to take your elevated look to new heights.

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