6 Trends From London Fashion Will That Will Be Everywhere in 6 Months

Let’s be honest for a moment… everyone has one city that they feel intrinsically sets the blueprint for what will be significant in fashion. For some, that capital has, and always will be, New York. Others, obviously, love Paris. And then, some creatives can’t get enough of Copenhagen. While we’d never argue the influence these cities have, we’re impartial to one place across the pond: London. Remember that some of the most now influential designers started out as “new” creatives in London—e.g., JW Anderson, Kim Jones, Maximilian Davis, Grace Wales Bonner, and so on. For so many creatives in fashion, London Fashion Week has acted as a launching pad not just for their individual careers but for their creative perspectives to infiltrate the larger industry.

So naturally, when it comes to trying to get a pulse on what’s to come in fashion, looking to London is a non-negotiable. Of course, with so much happening in this community, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. In an effort to help you suss out what will be big by the end of the year, we delved into hundreds of runway looks from fall/winter 2024 collections to identify the six biggest trends from London Fashion Week. Considering trends from previous spring collections, what’s happening in the street-style scene, and noteworthy talent, we compiled a list of trends that will surely be everywhere in the next six months. London doesn’t have to be your “chosen” city, but you better believe it’s influencing the clothing that will be cool come fall.

1. Elegant Eggplant

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: 16Arlington; Burberry; Aaron Esh)

If you’ve kept up with recent trends, you’ve likely already clocked how rich oxblood reds made their comeback in S/S 24 collections. While we did see that color carry over into fall shows, another tint indicated how the trend would evolve in the next six months: eggplant. Anyone adept in color theory can attest to the fact that most shades of purple are comprised of red, so the transition from black cherry to eggplant being the next color of the season isn’t too much of a stretch. Especially when you consider how embracing the color was made effortless, thanks to how British designers applied it to everyday essentials.

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