A Barn-Style Home In Bangalow With A French Farm Feel

Aimee Winchester admits her Bangalow, NSW, home has a strong feminine vibe, ‘but that’s ok,’ she says. ‘There are six of us in there!’

She and her husband Dave purchased an empty plot of land in 2021 after returning from traveling around Australia. They then spent nine months building their dream family home for themselves and their five girls; Coco (16), Autumn (14), Juniper (10), Clementine (8) and Daisy (5).

‘Dave and I didn’t think we’d ever build but a few times for fun we sketched out our dream home,’ says Aimee.

So, when they unexpectedly sold their Mullumbimby home of eight years and bought the property in Bangalow, they dusted off the old sketch and were ready to go.

‘Our friends who built a big barn-style house influenced us on the cathedral-style ceilings and simple rectangle design,’ Aimee explains. ‘I had found my dream kitchen on Pinterest years ago and I knew I wanted to bring a similar vibe… the French farm feel.’

The simple, open layout and generously-sized kitchen meets all the needs for the family of seven and the entertaining they enjoy with wider family and friends.

The kitchen in particular is filled with warm rustic tones, echoed in the eye-catching Spanish rendered hemp wall by Balanced Earth, and acts as a gathering point in the home.

‘It’s very much a reflection of us,’ says Aimee, whose favourite spot in the open-plan space is the day bed next to the kitchen. ‘I can read my book and watch Dave make me a coffee and maybe even some crepes — those are ‘pinch me’ moments.’

Outside on the porch you’ll find a happy jumble of wetsuits, swimmers and surfboards, because when the family aren’t enjoying their light-filled home, they’re at the beach.

Or, they’re in the garden. ‘The girls love helping in the garden and picking all the yummy things — especially the strawberries!’, says Aimee. She and Dave wanted Coco, Autumn, Juniper, Clementine and Daisy to have space outside to connect to nature and learn about growing and harvesting food.

‘Dave and I both love it,’ she explains. ‘Although Dave is definitely the green thumb and I am the wannabe green thumb, but I’m getting there!’

The Winchester’s have carved out a little slice of paradise on their Bangalow property, with everything they need at arm’s reach; the beach, the garden and a welcoming home for family to gather.

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