A New Era of Social Deduction Gaming Debuts with the Launch of Castle of Blackwater

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Seedify, a leading Web3 incubator and launchpad, proudly introduces the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for Castle of Blackwater. The game, developed in collaboration with Merit Circle, will be one of the first to launch on Beam. This revolutionary social deduction game is set to redefine Web3 gaming by offering a captivating blend of strategic gameplay, role-playing elements, and social deduction mechanics.

Castle of Blackwater has rapidly risen in popularity, consistently ranking among the top 3 games on the Elixir launcher. After a successful Alpha Season, the game is now in Public Beta. Recently securing a $1 Million strategic funding round with partners like Metrics Ventures, 3Commas Capital, and Faculty Group, Castle of Blackwater is poised for further growth. Partnering with communities such as The Wardens, IndiGG, SocialsRising, and Carv has also enriched its player engagement with frequently organized game nights.

Unveiling Castle of Blackwater: A Journey into Intrigue and Deception

Castle of Blackwater immerses players in a captivating narrative. The formidable Castle Blackwater beckons adventurers with promises of discovery and triumph, yet beneath its grandeur lies hidden dangers. Ambitious individuals flock to the Castle, driven by the desire to unravel its mysteries and attain glory. However, amidst the puzzles and challenges lie sinister motives, requiring players to navigate both the Castle’s trials and the deceit of their companions.

Strategic Choices: Factions and Roles

Castle Blackwater sets itself apart with unique factions! Each has distinct goals and abilities, making every playthrough fresh.

  • The Protectors: Champions of good; they use magic for noble purposes.
  • The Satanic: Power-hungry schemers who utilize sabotage and dark magic.
  • The Forgotten: A wildcard group with diverse motives, adding chaos to the mix.

Which side will you choose?

Players assume specific roles within each faction, each granting them unique abilities that can significantly influence the game’s outcome. Strategically utilizing these abilities is paramount to completing objectives, sowing discord among opponents, and ultimately securing victory.

The Thrill of the Hunt: Day and Night Phases

Castle of Blackwater’s gameplay centres on Day and Night Phases. 

During the Day Phase, players collaborate and investigate, completing tasks while fostering trust and alliances. In the Night Phase, strategic actions by players with specific roles shape the game, with deception prevalent as factions vie for dominance. 

The phase concludes with a voting round where suspicion runs high, leading to the elimination of suspected individuals.

Users can experience the magic of Castle of Blackwater by downloading and playing it on Elixir! 

Two Exciting Game Modes: Casual and Ranked

Castle of Blackwater presents two game modes catering to varied playstyles. Casual mode offers free-to-play gameplay with flexibility in character choices, ideal for newcomers and casual gamers. Ranked mode adds a competitive edge, requiring blockchain-based character collectables for participation. Character bidding enhances strategy, enabling players to bid for preferred roles and factions.

Character Collectables

Castle of Blackwater’s Generations system offers exclusive Character Collectibles. Generation X (Genesis) provides 696 collectibles for early supporters, while Generation Y (Progressus) offers 1000 for wider access. Generation Z (Finalis) may be released based on demand. 

In Ranked mode, characters are capped at 10,000 copies, boosting their market value. Casual characters have unlimited availability and are non-tradable. Owning Collectibles grants early access, Ranked mode entry, and potential market value. 

Genesis is sold out, supporting game development and community events.

The Dual-Token Economy: $COBS and $COBE

Underpinning Castle of Blackwater’s vibrant ecosystem is a dual-token economy powered by $COBS (Utility) and $COBE (Ecosystem) tokens. 

These tokens are the game’s lifeblood, allowing players to earn rewards, purchase in-game items, and participate in its thriving economy. 

With innovative protocols designed to maintain a harmonious balance between value accrual and exchange, Castle of Blackwater offers players a unique opportunity to engage with the game on both economic and strategic levels.

Castle of Blackwater IDO Details

The Castle of Blackwater presents an enticing opportunity for gaming enthusiasts through its public IDO offering:

IDO information

Name and Token ticker: $COBE

Token Type: ERC20

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Initial Mcap (excluding liquidity.): $860,000

Listing Price: $0.2

Date: 25-26 March 2024

Expected Listing Date: 29 March 2024

Price: $0.2

Allocation: TBD

Vesting Period: 20% at TGE, 1 month cliff, 7 months daily linear

Disclaimer: Persons and entities from certain restricted jurisdictions are not entitled to participate in the IDO, including, but not limited to, the United States, persons (including entities), or persons or entities (or entities controlled by persons) on sanctions list of the OFAC or any other US, UN, EU or other applicable sanctions list.

Castle of Blackwater offers an enticing experience for gamers. Combining social deduction, strategy, and role-playing with a blockchain-powered economy, it has the potential to lead in Web3 gaming. 

Explore Castle of Blackwater’s world, gameplay mechanics, character ownership, and upcoming IDO through the following links: Website | X (Twitter) | Discord | YouTube

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