Alabama GOP Arrested For Murder And Sexual Torture

The Party of Law and Order strikes again! This time in Alabama – and the case is actually bonkers.

WAFF is reporting that Kyle Lewter, a big name in Alabama Republican circles, was arrested after a 54 year old man, Derek Franklin Walls, was found dead in a home in Madison County.

Who was arrested? Kyle Lewter. The police report that there was a “physical altercation” between the men, which apparently led to Walls’ death.

Lewter was held without bond. And just a day later police added a new charge – SEXUAL TORTURE. Specifically sexual abuse with an inanimate object. The police are waiting for the autopsy report to provide more details regarding Walls’ death.

Shocking no one, Lewter is a member of the Madison County Young Republicans and served as campaign chairman for State Senator Tom Butler.

Law and Order! Family values! Go Alabama!

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