Alito: Congress Doesn't Have The Authority To Regulate SCOTUS

When bloggers who didn’t go to law school know more than a Supreme Court justice, it doesn’t speak well for the Supreme Court. Via NBC News:

WASHINGTON — Justice Samuel Alito says Congress lacks the power to impose a code of ethics on the Supreme Court, making him the first member of the court to take a public stand against proposals in Congress to toughen ethics rules for justices in response to increased scrutiny of their activities beyond the bench.

“I know this is a controversial view, but I’m willing to say it. No provision in the Constitution gives them the authority to regulate the Supreme Court—period,” Alito said in an interview he gave to the Wall Street Journal opinion pages. An account of the interview, which the paper said took place in New York in early July, was published Friday.

And here we have Hugh Hewitt, who also pretends he knows things:

Well, Hugh, you’re wrong about everything, why break your streak now?

Larry Tribe sets the record straight:

Alito has cruised right past his phony “originalism” and is now permanently cemented in the “making shit up” portion of the program. But let’s not forget the REAL issue, which is that Sammy boy and his buddy Clarence are blatently flouting long-established ethical principles over taking VERY EXPENSIVE PRESENTS given to them by people with matters before the Court.

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