'All The Presidents Men' Changed The Course Of History

This month marks the anniversary of a book that changed America.


On June 15, 1974, Simon & Schuster releases All the President’s Men, the first definitive book about the Watergate scandal, authored by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the two Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters from The Washington Post who broke the explosive story. Two months later, President Richard Nixon resigns from office in disgrace.

In 1976, Robards, Redford, and Hoffman starred in the movie version of the book, “All The President’s Men,” which won four Oscars and was as influential as the book and an all-time blockbuster.

Nixon left office in shame.

Trump is a carbon copy of Nixon in many ways, but he’s an even more repugnant human being.

What are your memories of the Watergate years? And it’s an open thread.

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