Analysts Predict 50X Growth For Presale DeeStream (DST) As Immutable (IMX) & Ripple (XRP) Holders Stampede New Streaming Innovation

After a huge scare in the market recently that saw many positions liquidated, investors are on the edge. Many tokens that were on good runs saw bumps in the road and others are now struggling to pick up the same momentum. Investors are searching for assets that could offer them more stability and good returns.

Many investors have had to rethink their strategy and aim higher. In particular, new projects are becoming more popular. Many Immutable (IMX) and Ripple (XRP) holders are now checking out a new streaming innovation, DeeStream (DST).

Immutable (IMX) Close to Game Over

Immutable (IMX) is an open source blockchain focused on web3 gaming. It is hyped as the future of gaming with various collaborations in and contributions to that industry. However, on the price side of things, it has taken a bump.

Before the market crash, Immutable (IMX) traded around $3.5 but mostly stagnated. It had shown signs of a sharp decline and would start falling as the market took a hit. Immutable (IMX) has lost around 20% from only 7 days ago, down to $2.84 at press time.

Ripple (XRP) Rising Again

Ripple (XRP) is a decentralized payment system modeled to replace the SWIFT payment system. It is designed for quick and easy international transactions. Since its launch, Ripple (XRP) has been one of the most traded assets.

While it still has a pending suit with the SEC, Ripple (XRP) remains strong. Ripple (XRP) is on the path to $1 and could be there by the end of Q1. However, it doesn’t have the appeal of revolutionary projects like DeeStream (DST).

Growth Signs for DeeStream (DST)

An impressive new project, DeeStream (DST) is showing good signs of growth. According to experts, around 50x is expected from the project within the first eight months. DeeStream DST could have the best trajectory of any token this year.

DeeStream (DST) is a peer-to-peer live-streaming. It has a functional ecosystem that is beneficial to streamers and viewers. Within the DeeStream (DST), users can get the lowest fees in the industry, more creative liberty and transparency. DeeStream (DST) also provides rewards for using the platform. Streamers could get as much as triple their income on other platforms by using DeeStream (DST).

To get part of the 50x returns, investors need to buy at least one unit of DeeStream (DST). Each unit costs $0.055 in the second stage of presale. Compared to most of the industry, this is extremely cheap and a bargain given the returns.

Up to 300 million units of DeeStream (DST) will ever be minted. While there is still a lot of supply, stage two has gained over 2,900 registered investors and it is selling out fast now. DeeStream (DST) is for smart investors who will no doubt be buying at the earliest.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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