Ann 'Hell No!' Wagner Changes Her Tune On Jim Jordan

What’s particularly galling about this one, who a few days ago said she wouldn’t vote for Jim Jordan as Speaker and that Republicans had to find a better alternative than, to quote John Boehner, a legislative terrorist, are the reasons she gave. First, that control of the House couldn’t be turned over to “radical liberal Democrats” through some sort of deal to elect someone who wouldn’t burn the place down. And then most strangely of all she gave as her reasons for her newfound support for Jordan (she had previously been Team Scalise) that Jordan had allayed her fears that he’d shut the government down, kill funding for Ukraine, and, curiously, that he stood strong against child exploitation. (I guess no one told her about Ohio State.) So now we have a Missouri Susan Collins justifying the unjustifiable.

These Republicans are nothing if not consistently craven and cowardly.

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Ann Wagner has changed her mind.

The Second District Congresswoman from Missouri now says she will support U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Last week, Politico reported that Wagner had said “absolutely not” when asked if she’d support Jordan. Wagner had accused Jordan of giving “the most disgraceful, ungracious” concession speech after he initially failed to win support among fellow Republicans to be Speaker

She instead nominated Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, but Scalise has since dropped out of the Speaker race.

In a statement issued Monday, Wagner said she and Jim Jordan have spoken and that he’s allayed her concerns about border security, human trafficking, international support during war and unrest, and “keeping the government open with conservative funding.”

She also said:

“Let me be clear, I am not, and will not, work with Democrats as our Republican Conference comes together to elect a conservative Speaker of the House. Too much is at stake to hand control of the House over to radical liberal Democrats, which is why we must elect a conservative as the next Speaker. Throughout my time in Congress, I have always been a team player and supported our Republican nominees out of Conference. Jim Jordan is our conference nominee, and I will support his nomination for Speaker on the House floor.”

The Ann Wagner of four days ago and the Ann Wagner of Monday were saying entirely different things.

Apparently, they couldn’t find a better alternative than a legislative terrorist like Jim Jordan.

Rep. Wagner said that it was all a dirty lie that she’d been a collaborator working with those dirty Democrats.

Wingnuts were delighted that “establishment” Republicans like Wagner were folding left and right ahead of tomorrow’s vote.

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