Biden Calls Out SCOTUS To Their Faces: Women Have Political Power

Old Joe also took on the Supreme Court last night during his barnburner. Via

In his third State of the Union address Thursday, Joe Biden did what was once unthinkable: directly challenge Supreme Court justices about one of their opinions, addressing them personally.

Biden brought up the conservative majority’s landmark reversal of Roe v. Wade. He had begun to read an excerpt of the decision when he began a brief aside, looking right at the justices sitting in the front row.

“With all due respect, justices, women are not without … electoral or political power,” he said.

Then, in what appeared to be an ad-libbed moment, he added, “You’re about to realize just how much …” before Democrats in the chamber jumped to their feet and cheered.

The justices sat there expressionless, while some of them no doubt watched at home counting up the donor perks instead of listening to Biden. “Ginni, do you hear the mean things they said to me? Time for another new motorbus!”

Pissy little pedant Sam Alito has not attended a State of the Union speech since Obama criticized the Citizens United ruling. Clarence Thomas of course wasn’t there, and neither was Aunt Lydia — oops, I mean Amy Coney Barrett, who probably had a big pile of laundry to iron.

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