Big Brother’s Jared Defends Not Telling Cirie That Blue Knows Their Secret

Big Brother 25’s Jared Fields stands by his decision not to tell his mom, Cirie Fields, that his showmance partner, Blue Kim, knows they are related.

“I just know that my mom would’ve been really, really paranoid about it and she would’ve maneuvered that relationship [with Blue] a little different,” he exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, September 29, one day after his elimination from the CBS reality series. “I really wanted her and Blue to build their own relationship without it being hindered by this looming thought of, ‘Oh, she probably knows who I am. She’s going to use that against me one day.’”

He continued: “I wanted her to be able to try to trust Blue as much as possible because I do feel in my gut that Blue is going to make sure that she’s OK. I didn’t really want to put any preconceived notions in her head of, ‘Oh, well maybe let me make a move against the only person who may be willing to help me.’”

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Cirie, 53 — who has earned the title of reality TV icon for her stints on shows including Survivor and The Traitors — was revealed as the 17th houseguest during the Big Brother season 25 premiere last month. Izzy Gleicher was the only houseguest who immediately realized that Jared is Cirie’s son and the trio quickly formed an alliance. After her eviction earlier this month, Izzy, 32, exclusively told Us that it was “stupid” of Jared to share the sensitive information with Blue.


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Despite Izzy’s criticism, Jared told Us that he thinks Cirie will understand why he told Blue their secret — and why he didn’t clue her in to the fact that Blue knows.

“She’ll understand for sure. One thing we’ve always talked about was just making sure that every move that I made was my move and I owned it to the best of my ability. And I took accountability for everything I did,” he said. “It was just me making my own game moves and trying to make my own path in this crazy reality [TV] world, [which] obviously she’s well versed in, but this was brand new for me. I didn’t want to come in here and follow her step by step and then leave here and feel like I never made a decision on my own. … I just really wanted to make my own moves in this game and ultimately I really think it’s going to help her.”

Big Brother s Jared Fields Defends Hiding Information From Mom Cirie 134

While Jared thinks his decision will aid Cirie in the game, he admitted that it’s “hard” to say whether having each other in the house was more helpful or harmful to their games.

“I feel like that one is kind of 50/50, because one thing that you don’t get in this house at all is that person who’s 100 percent on your side … and I knew I had that in my mom,” he explained. “But on the other side of that, it was pretty complicated because very early on we got pitted [against each other] on two different sides of the house. … So, it was always a fight for me to make sure that whoever won on my side [wasn’t] going to be targeting her.”

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Jared added that his alliance with Izzy also complicated his game. “I made a promise to Izzy [that] if she was to keep my secret, I would never ever go against her in this game and I would make sure that I could protect her all the way up until the end,” he said. “And that’s exactly what I tried to do. And I think that was part of my downfall for sure.” (While trying to figure out how his fellow houseguests decided to evict Izzy instead of Felicia Cannon, Jared got caught lying about Jag Bains leaking information about the vote flip. The misstep sparked a blowout fight with former ally Cory Wurtenberger, which eventually led to his eviction.)

Jared’s elimination on Thursday, September 28, came after he had a chance to “resurrect” his game as part of the “Big Brother Zombies” twist. He and Cameron Harding were both voted out during last week’s Double Eviction, but immediately returned to the house as Zombies.

Throughout the past week, Jared and Cameron, 34, faced off in a three-part competition. Cameron ultimately won, which gave him a chance to complete a challenge during Thursday’s episode. He was successful, allowing him to reenter the game while Jared was officially eliminated.

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Jared told Us that having a second life in the game offered him “a piece of closure” and that he has no hard feelings about Cameron’s victory. “I respect Cameron for doing what he did because I’m not an easy guy to beat, I feel like. So, the fact that he pulled it off, I think honestly he does deserve it,” he said.

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

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