Bleach Ruined My Hair, But These 10 Products Helped Bring It Back to Life

Struggling with damaged hair? You’re not alone. In fact, my hair and I have been on quite a journey over the last year, but it’s safe to say that we are in a much better place. Let me give you a little backstory. I have always been blessed with thick, healthy hair. When I was younger, it seemed that no matter what I did, the condition of my hair didn’t change. From bleaching my dark brunette locks bright blonde when I was 16, to using very hot straighteners every single day before school, you’d expect my ends to be absolutely fried, but somehow they made it through looking pretty good (if I do say so myself).

Because of this, I had a false sense of security when it came to my hair, and I assumed that I could still do whatever I wanted to it. However, at the age of 25, I decided to go somewhat blonde again, and I headed straight to the hairdressers for a full head of highlights. Not only that, but I was suddenly obsessed with having straight hair again (my hair is naturally quite wavy) so I started using my straighteners everyday. When summer hit, I noticed that the ends of my hair were completely breaking off, especially around my face, and I quickly realised that my hair had finally had enough.

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