: Boeing’s stock stays hot on fresh order for up to 67 jets from Ethiopian Airlines

Boeing Co. and Ethiopian Airlines said Tuesday that the carrier has ordered up to 67 jets in what the companies described as the largest-ever purchase of Boeing airplanes in African history.

and Ethiopian Airlines said the carrier made an initial order of 31 jets, including 11 of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners and 20 of its 737 Max airplanes.

The deal allows for a maximum order of 26 of the 787s and 41 of the 737 Max jets.

Ethiopian Airlines Chief Executive Mesfin Tasew said the order “will enable us to modernize and increase our fleet” as part of the company’s growth plan.

The 787-9 Dreamliner, one of the models the airline ordered, will reduce fuel use and emissions by 25% compared with the planes it will replace.

The 737-8 model will reduce fuel use and emissions by 20% and create a 50% smaller noise footprint compared with the airplanes it will replace.

Boeing’s stock was up by 1.4% in premarket trading on Tuesday.

The deal with Ethiopian Airlines comes a day after Boeing’s stock was boosted by a flurry of deal news from the Dubai Airshow and a report that the Chinese government may be close to lifting a commercial freeze on the 737 Max.

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