BREAKING: Trump Partially Gagged By Judge Chutkan

After a lengthy 2 hours hearing in DC Federal Court, Judge Tanya Chutkan has issued a gag order on Donald Trump. Although it’s not everything the prosecutors wanted, it actually is pretty wide ranging,

Trump cannot post or say anything defamatory, or REPOST anything, about:

  • Jack Smith
  • Prosecutors
  • Judge
  • Court staff
  • Witnesses

He cannot call Jack Smith a “thug” or “deranged.”

This is a HUGE win for the prosecutors in one of the earliest tests of the judicial system. Although Trump’s lawyers have already said they will appeal, a stay will not be granted and the order is in place immediately.

If, and when, Trump violates, there will be sanctions. Unclear what they are, but they can include being forced to appear in court, financial or even detention.

The other big news is that Judge Chutkan was firm about the trial date. When asked by defense lawyer John Lauro to postpone the trial until after the election, the judge gave an emphatic “No” and restated her expectation that the trial will begin in March, 2024.

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