Brow Experts to the Stars Taught Me *Exactly* How to Shape My Brows

Step 1: Measure from the outside of your nose straight up to figure out where your brow should begin. “This creates a slimming effect on the bridge of your nose,” says Reid. 

Step 2:Next, find where your brow is naturally at its highest by following a diagonal line from the outside of your nose across the middle of your eye,” says Reid. This is where your arch should be. If you’re having trouble finding your arch, celebrity brow expert Kelley Baker says that as a general rule, your arch should start at the outer part of your eye’s iris. 

Step 3: According to Reid, you can find the end of your brow by tracing from the outside of your nose to the outside corner of your eye. 

Step 4: Mark each of these spots, and then sketch a few lines to connect each of them on the top and bottom of the brow. “Hairs that fall outside those lines are the ones you should remove when tweezing and the ones that are inside the lines should stay,” says Reid. 

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