Charlie Cox Is Better at Disguises Than Some Superheroes

Some Bluey fans at New York Comic Con got a two-for-one this past weekend. If you stopped to take a picture of a guy dressed up as the extremely popular cartoon dog, you might have also gotten a picture of Daredevil himself. Yep: Charlie Cox was walking the show floor dressed as Bluey.

And, as Bluey, he was perfectly happy to have his picture taken:

Cox isn’t the first celebrity to understand the value of a good disguise. Matt Smith once went to San Diego Comic-Con dressed as Bart Simpson (the incognito effect slightly marred by the cameras that followed him around); Daniel Radcliffe went as Spider-Man; and Bryan Cranston apparently wore a very convincing mask of his own face one year, which is … really disconcerting if you stop to think about it too long. Emmet Asher-Perrin says Hayden Christensen went to Star Wars Celebration II, back in 2002, in a stormtrooper helmet, which is brazen as all get-out.

But stormtrooper headgear doesn’t always do the job: When Jack Black tried to pull the same trick at SDCC, word spread so quickly that the power of the disguise was lost. Masks seem to have worked better for Tessa Thompson and Florence Pugh, who disguised themselves before an SDCC panel in 2019.

Cox has good reason to want to be unrecognizable—and not just the general fact that his Daredevil is widely beloved (and so is his performance as Tristan Thorn!). News broke last week that the upcoming Daredevil reboot, Daredevil: Born Again, is undergoing a lot of changes mid-production. With his face well-hidden under blue paint, Cox was safe from any bothersome questions about what exactly is going on with the Marvel series—and why we still haven’t heard anything about Karen and Foggy.

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