Chic Coats, Cosy Knits and It Bags—Loewe’s New Collection Is Peak Winter Luxury

In the world of fashion, there are few brands that manage to create a piece so iconic that it reaches true It status. Fewer still are able to create more than one. Loewe, on the other hand, has many. You’ll be well aware of them, from the basket bags that have become synonymous with luxurious European summers, to the iconic Puzzle bag that evolves each season through new colourways and cuts, or the enduring appeal of the brand’s anagram logo tank, a piece that has become a byword for cool.

With each new collection, It pieces are reformulated with new twists and yet more cult favourites are born. Alongside the classic items that Loewe has finessed there is an inherently more conceptual nature, where creative director Jonathan Anderson manages to make fashion people crave items they never knew they needed. These unique styles come in fantastical forms—take the brush-heeled sandals or the Toy pumps—demonstrating the brand’s unrivalled ability to harmonise fun and form. And that’s exactly what we’ve been served for 2023’s holiday collection. 

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