CO Newspaper Ridicules Boebert After Straw Poll Disaster

Lauren Boebert’s dismal finish in a straw poll of attendees after a debate last week left many chuckling, including the editorial cartoonist at the Colorado Sun. Jim Morrissey had Boebert finishing behind “a pile of bricks,” “a tire swing”, and “a dead raccoon.” Not entirely accurate, but he made his point.

Source: Newsweek

After a straw poll showed Representative Lauren Boebert’s district switch-up was struggling to win over voters, The Colorado Sun published a cartoon on Friday mocking her reelection efforts.

Boebert, a Republican, announced in December that she would be running for reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District instead of the 3rd District where she has held office since 2021.

Despite her defending the move by saying it’s the “right decision for those who support our conservative movement,” it has been widely viewed as an attempt to avoid lower reelection odds in the 3rd District where she’s facing a notable primary challenge from Republican Jeff Hurd and an even more fraught general election challenge from Democrat Adam Frisch.

In addition, Boebert was recorded as the fifth most popular candidate in a straw poll taken after a debate in Fort Lupton, Colorado’s eighth congressional district, on January 25. The straw poll taken of 100 Republican voters saw Boebert pick up just 12 votes, behind Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, who topped the poll with 22 votes.

The Colorado Sun, a major online newspaper based in Denver, on Friday published a cartoon by editorial cartoonist Jim Morrissey titled, “How to explain Lauren Boebert’s straw poll finish?”

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