Considering a Pre-Loved Wedding Dress? This Is Everything You Need to Know, According to Experts

(Image credit: Courtesy of The Loop)

Finding ‘the dress’ is an exciting prospect for brides-to-be—but typically, it’s also a costly one. And that’s before you add shoes, a veil and finishing touches into the mix. The UK wedding industry rakes in billions of pounds annually, with the bridal industry alone accounting for approximately 400 million. Gulp.

But we’re not here to take the magic away from your big day with a stream of scary statistics. Instead, we’ve come armed with a solution: preloved wedding dresses. In the current climate, it’s no surprise that more and more brides are choosing secondhand gowns over straight-off-the-runway designs. After all, most women wear their wedding dress for just a few hours—except for those handy with a sewing machine who can repurpose it post-nuptials.

Opting for a secondhand dress isn’t just the smart choice financially; it’s better for the environment, too. With tens of thousands of couples tying the knot in Britain each year, think of all the fabric that must go into making wedding dresses and the waste created in the process. Giving a second life to a garment that’s already been made and worn is the far more sustainable route.

Second-hand wedding dresses: a bride wears a wedding dress from The Loop

(Image credit: Courtesy of The Loop)

We consulted some experts who make a strong case for what we believe is the future of bridalwear. Grace Richmond and Abi Gadsby founded The Loop to challenge negative perceptions around buying preloved and normalise the choice for brides on a budget. Their curated selection of luxury gowns features the likes of Emilia Wickstead, Khaite and Rocksanda.