Crenshaw Gives Dumbest Reason Ever To Support Jim Jordan As Speaker

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who tries to pass himself off as a moderate, truly is dumb, or he thinks we are dumb. Crenshaw touted Rep. Jim Jordan as a viable choice for the House Speakership because, he said, “his reputation has changed over time,” and “He has become part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

I have questions! Does “over time” mean ever since he tried to help Lumpy overturn the legitimate election he lost to Joe Biden? Has he suddenly decided that being a fascist fuckmuppet is wrong? That wasn’t very long ago. Is he saying he’s changed since then? And when did Jordan, 59, who has never passed a bill during his 16 years in office, become a problem solver? That’s some real gaslighting right there. I’ll bold the most disturbing parts of Crenshaw’s interview.

“People say, well, let’s just bring McCarthy back, and either that happens, or McHenry gets it by default,” Tapper said. “Is that possible, you think?”

“Anything’s possible,” Crenshaw said. “These are very unlikely. McCarthy has to actually want to run. Out of protest, some members will vote for McCarthy.”

“He has no intention of running,” Crenshaw insisted. “Jordan has been a true ally to McCarthy, at least from everything I’ve seen and what McCarthy is saying now.”

“And what I would remind a lot of the members who are against Jordan because his reputation precedes him, but his reputation has changed over time,” the Texas Republican said. “He has become part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

“He has long since been part of the solution,” Crenshaw continued. “I’ve had a lot of good conversations with him. I’ve gotten to know him.”

“I mean, he defied the congressional subpoena, and he was trying to get Pence to overturn the electoral votes,” Tapper pointed out. “But anyway, you’re in the Jordan camp.”

“But a lot of them did that,” Crenshaw said as if that makes Jordan look better. “If I held that grudge, I wouldn’t have friends in the Republican conference.”

Tapper didn’t hold his feet to the fire. Instead, he said it was a good point, and they both just kind of laughed it off. Funny stuff, eh? I need a drink now. Ttyl.

Oh, and he said this isn’t really a biggie. The House is in fine shape:

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