Dave 'I'll Live On My Campaign Bus!' McCormick Flies Home To CT

I’d like to think that Senator Bob Casey doesn’t have much to fear from this obvious carpetbagger, even with Pennsylvania roots. But then I’m reminded that Pennsylvania helped elect Trump in 2016, despite the glaring character flaws.

“He flew back to Connecticut later that evening.” All you need to know really.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

As Dave McCormick launched his 67-county campaign bus tour on a Saturday afternoon in Lititz, he told supporters gathered there that he was going to “live on the bus,” through November.

He flew back to Connecticut later that evening.

It’s the sort of dichotomy that Democrats have hammered McCormick over as they try to portray the Republican candidate as a wealthy outsider posing as a Pennsylvania resident in his quest to oust Democratic Sen. Bob Casey. Similar criticism was levied against longtime New Jerseyan Mehmet Oz in the 2022 race for a U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania.

Not exactly an auspicious start to an article for the Senate hopeful, is it? Later, more details about his residency status come up.

Exactly how much time he spends in Pittsburgh now is the question that has dogged him on the trail. He bought a $2.8 million home in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood ahead of his unsuccessful 2022 run in the GOP Senate primary, but he also rents a $16 million mansion in Westport, Conn., near where his youngest daughter lives with his ex-wife.

McCormick is remarried to Dina Powell, a former Trump administration official and former partner at Goldman Sachs. The couple have six daughters between them. An Inquirer analysis put the total value of their assets at $116 million to $290 million, and possibly much more.

And the private jets.

Democrats have accused McCormick of being dishonest about living in the state. He doesn’t have a homestead exemption on his Pittsburgh home, which typically indicates a primary residence. He also bought the house through an LLC originally registered in Delaware. It was recently reregistered in Pennsylvania.

He’s used his Connecticut address on car registrations and campaign donation paperwork, and last year he conducted several media interviews from Connecticut. He voted in a Pennsylvania election for the first time in 16 years during the 2022 Republican primary, when he was on the ballot, voting records show. McCormick reported on his campaign finance filing that he spent $37,000 on private flights from September through December.

$37,000 sounds like a lot, but these are for jets that he already owns or owns a part of. The true cost if he did not would be well into the hundreds of thousands.

Reviews have not been kind.

Senate Majority PAC with the honors.

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