Dermatologists Say These Eye Creams Are the Only Ones That Really Work

Due to the fact the skin around the eye area is lacking in natural oils and is comparatively thinner to the skin in other areas of the face, it also tends to be one of the first places to show signs of premature skin ageing. While it’s typically advised you keep any strong active ingredients away from the delicate eye area, specially formulated eye treatments that contain retinol could help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

However, experts warn it’s important to remember the limitations of the retinol in our skincare products. “Retinoic acid is the only topical treatment which is evidence-proven to reduce photoaging and fine lines. It may cause local irritation initially, so consider applying it a few nights a week to begin with,” says Leeman. However, she also adds that it’s important to remember that although retinoic acid is a proven retinoid, the retinol we commonly find in skincare products is still a few “conversions” away from this, meaning it won’t be nearly as effective. “If you would like a prescriptive-strength treatment, see a dermatologist,” she says.

Besides retinol, it’s also worth looking for eye creams that contain peptides. “If you worry about skin ageing around the eyes, peptides are a good ingredient because they support collagenesis and regenerate the skin,” says El Husseini

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