Desperate Donald Calls For Republicans To 'TAKE ACTION' Amid Legal Woes

Twice impeached and four times indicted, former President Donald Trump issued a desperate plea for help to his Republican allies on Truth Social amid his hush-money case. Trump wrote at 2:00 AM, so he isn’t getting much sleep. It shouldn’t be called a hush-money case, though, since it’s about Donald interfering in the 2016 election. He also tried to interfere with the 2020 election. I’m starting to see a pattern here. And, of course, his posts are littered with lies.

“We have a Rigged Judge, who is working for the Democrat Party and refuses to terminate this “case,” which should have never been brought by Soft on Crime Alvin Bragg,” Trump falsely wrote. “Judge Merchan should immediately removed, and the Appellate Courts have to take over. That also applies to Corrupt Judge Engoron, who knew I did nothing wrong, and still fraudulently fined me $500 Million Dollars while having no knowledge of Valuation, Finance, or in any way what he was doing.”

“Same with Judge Kaplan, who allowed a woman, who I have never met (celebrity photo line does not count!), and know nothing about, to get a lawless judgment of $90 Million Dollars,” he continued. “New York Justice is in shambles, and only the Appellate Courts can save it. A Republican doesn’t stand a chance – This is not Justice.”

Note: E. Jean Carroll can sue him for that again. And the case is in New York because that’s where the alleged crime was committed.

“This New York Cabal, run by Crooked Joe Biden’s White House, is a hit job on a Political Opponent the likes of which the USA has never seen before,” It added. “For the Good of our Country, it must be stopped. The Crooked Joe Biden Witch Hunts have to be ended. REPUBLICANS IN WASHINGTON MUST TAKE ACTION!”

Trump has repeatedly tried to blame President Biden for his legal woes while offering zero proof of his wild-eyed claim. Lumpy has gone as far as to blame Biden for the protest at Columbia. Trump is obsessed with Biden, and I can’t blame him. Joe Biden is the most forward-thinking President in my lifetime. Trump is listed as the worst President in US history. Trump is so obsessed that he created a social site to bash his successor daily. That must suck for the former President.

And now we are to believe that all of the judges are wrong, and he is right. Sure thing, buddy.

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