Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Retains Bullish Pattern As Ordi (ORDI) Struggles to Maintain Positive Outlook – Meme Moguls (MGLS) Reveals Unique Approach to the Meme Coin Market

Dogwifhat and Ordi are fighting their way to rank among the top crypto coins for investment this year. While the Ordi token is having a significantly tougher run, Dogwifhat is showing impressive performance as it maintains a bullish trend of new peak prices. On the other hand, Meme Moguls is emerging as a new meme coin gem gaining massive user adoption with earning incentives and an engaging community.

Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Maintains Its Impressive Performance of Hitting New Peaks

Dogwifhat is currently the 5th largest memecoin by market cap, preceded by the likes of Pepe, Bonk, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin. Dogwifhat price have also been improving lately, after spiking since mid-January.

From the early days of January till now, Dogwifhat has maintained a steady rise, hitting peak prices of $0.3, $0.39, and $0.45. Lately, Dogwifhat price has declined from its last high two weeks ago, positioning itself as a high gainer this year.

Dogwifhat has gained over 50% in the past month and has been maintaining a bullish outlook after a 19.97% decline in the past seven days. Before the middle of the year, Dogwifhat has the potential to hit $0.7 or higher.

Ordi (ORDI) Fights To Retain Positive Outlook As It Drops Below $60

Emerging as a good crypto to buy for 2024, especially following the recent approval of the Bitcoin ETF, the future of ORDI appears promising, solidifying its position among top crypto coins this year.

ORDI, introduced in March 2023, saw its value rise to $29.16 by May and subsequently surged to $83.96 before the end of the year. Although the Ordi token is currently struggling in the range of $50 to $60, the crypto is anticipated to hit newer peaks this year.

Under bullish conditions, the projected peak price for ORDI in 2024 could reach $126.95. Conversely, in a bearish scenario, ORDI might trade at the anticipated minimum of $106.48 by the year’s end, which is still over a 40% increase from its current price

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Will Represent a Turning Point for Meme Coins When it Launches

As Meme Moguls advances further in its new presale stage, the upcoming crypto is gaining more prominence and value as it has amassed almost $2 million in sales. In its current stage 5 presale, the Meme Moguls token ($MGLS) is selling rapidly yet again at the new price of $0.0036.

The amount of attention Meme Moguls has garnered can be attributed to its unique use case as a meme token. Meme Moguls distinguishes itself in the meme coin market by extending beyond typical internet trends.

Its introduction of a play-to-earn game provides users with both entertainment and educational value in investing, all while earning $MGLS tokens. This way, the MGLS token may become one of the top crypto coins in 2024.

Setting it apart from other meme coins, Meme Moguls integrates various features such as simulated investing, engaging gameplay, community tournaments, an NFT marketplace, and ambitious plans for a metaverse. This approach positions Meme Moguls as a leading crypto investment.

The emphasis on practical utility, utilizing $MGLS as an in-game currency and governance token, adds legitimacy, setting Meme Moguls apart as the best crypto to invest in the meme coin market.

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