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Donald Trump plans to build a Mediterranean-style guardhouse at Mar-a-Lago

Classified documents may have found their way inside Mar-a-Lago, but a proposed new guardhouse at former President Donald Trump’s historic resort is meant to keep prying eyes and dangerous individuals at bay.

On January 18 the Palm Beach Landmarks Preservation Commission reviewed a proposal for a single-story, 232-square-foot security booth at the main entrance to Mar-a-Lago, a landmarked resort now owned by Trump.

To mesh with the existing historic buildings on site, the building would be clad in coquina and topped with terra-cotta roof tiles. According to Bloomberg, the building would be securitized with armor, bulletproof glass, and advanced communication equipment, all features in line with security measures taken for the entrance to other past presidents’ homes.

In his presentation to the Commission, REG Architects president Rick Gonzalez, who will design the structure, noted that the building was designed to provide maximum visibility to the outside so Secret Service officers can screen for threats. “It’s very important to the [Secret] Service to be able to look at a vehicle coming up and being able to see the driver and look into the car,” he noted.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation supports the design, but it needs to be okayed by the Landmarks Commission to move forward. The board requested revised plans from REG that it will review at its next meeting on February 17.

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