Driver Involved in Treat Williams’ Death Pleads Guilty to Reduced Charge

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Ryan Koss, who was the driver in the road collision that killed Treat Williams, has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

Koss, 35, pleaded guilty to negligent driving with death resulting in Bennington, Vermont on Friday, March 8, per the Associated Press. The charge, which is a misdemeanor, will result in Koss getting his driver’s license revoked for one year. He must also complete a community restorative justice program.

According to the outlet, Koss spoke to Williams’ family during the emotional hearing. (Williams is survived by his wife Pam Van Sant and their children, Gill Williams and Elinor “Ellie” Williams.)

“I’m here to apologize and take responsibility for this tragic accident,” he told the court.

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Gill, 32, accepted Koss’ apology on behalf of their family. Gill shared that his they did not want to press charges against Koss or send him to prison. However, he did address Koss directly.

“I do forgive you, and I hope that you forgive yourself,” Gill said to Koss. “I really wish you hadn’t killed my father. I really had to say that.”

Williams died at age 71 in June 2023 after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Williams’ rep, Barry McPherson, confirmed the Everwood star’s death, telling Us Weekly that Williams was cut off by a car.

“I’m just devastated. He was the nicest guy. He was so talented,” McPherson said in a statement at the time. “He was an actor’s actor. Filmmakers loved him. He’s been the heart of Hollywood since the late 1970s. He was really proud of his performance this year. He’s been so happy with the work that I got him. He’s had a balanced career.”

Ellie paid tribute to her father shortly after news broke of the actor’s unexpected passing.

“This is a pain I have never felt. I am absolutely shattered,” she captioned a throwback photo of her and Williams uploaded via her Instagram Story at the time. “Thank you to everyone who has sent messages and kept our family in your hearts during this terrible heartbreak.”

Two months later, Koss was charged with grossly negligent operation with death resulting from the crash. According to the Vermont State Police, Koss was driving a Honda Element SUV that turned into the path of Williams’ motorcycle. Koss, who considered himself a friend of the actor, voluntarily met with the authorities and released a statement shortly after.

“I am devastated by Mr. Williams’s tragic passing,” Koss said in his statement. “I have known Treat for years, both as a member of this tight-knit community and fellow theater maker. I considered him a friend. I know his family feels his sudden loss even more deeply than I do, and I offer my sincerest condolences to them.”

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