Eric Hovde: Are You Going To Believe Me Or Your Lying Ears?

A couple of weeks ago, GOP mail order candidate and California banker went on a Wisconsin right wing squawk radio show and said that people in nursing homes only have a few months to live and that they are at the point where they shouldn’t be voting. After he made those inane comments, he got rightfully pilloried for them.

So Hovde decided that it was time to do some damage control. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know how to do damage control. Instead, he came out with this three minute long rambling video of him mewling that people were talking about how badly he screwed up. He complained that it was only Democratic-controlled fake news sources reporting what he said on tape. You know, Wisconsin-based fake news sites like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, AP, NBC, CBS, New York Times, etc.

Hovde then repeated his false claims that ballots were cast in the names of people that weren’t able to vote. If Hovde actually lived in Wisconsin or actually voted himself, he would have known that any person living in Wisconsin maintains the right to vote regardless of their current living situation. The only way they lose that right is by a judge’s order finding them incompetent or guilty of a felony.

It doesn’t matter what a right-wing sheriff, or the person’s adult children, or even a California banker thinks. Without that court order, their opinions don’t mean diddlysquat.

Wisconsin Republicans are still trying to hold on to hope, but that probably won’t last much longer if their great white hope mail order candidate keeps phoning it in.

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