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Firefly Lane Season 2: All Your Questions About the Midseason Finale, Answered

Glamour: Let’s start then with the loaded teaser trailer for part two of season two. What can you say about it?

Maggie Friedman: It is mysterious, isn’t it? And it’s pretty shocking. I want to let it speak for itself and let people wonder and theorize and have thoughts and feelings about it. I don’t want to spoil it.

I don’t want you to spoil it either, but I do want to tell you my theories, starting with the fact that maybe Johnny isn’t the one getting married. He could be officiating this wedding.

Okay. I’ll just say nothing. [Laughs.]

Could it be possible that it’s not Johnny’s wedding?

It is a possibility. Yes. I mean, many things are possible. Who knows what it all means? It’s meant to be a little bit mysterious.

We see Tully in the bridal dressing room saying, “You can’t do this without me,” when it becomes obvious people are waiting for her in order for the wedding to begin. She’s wearing a very large engagement ring. She’s in a white silk…

Oh, you caught that. That’s good…

Yes. She’s in a white silk dress and there is a veil behind her.

There is, yeah.

So it seems to point toward Tully getting married, but maybe Johnny is officiating.

I mean, that’s interesting. I’m not going to say anything.

In the book Kate dies from breast cancer and says she wants Johnny to find love again. But obviously a lot has happened in the book that doesn’t happen in the TV series.

That’s true.

So how much does the final half of the series stay true to the book?

In the course of the series, we’ve created new characters. We’ve fleshed out characters that were in the book that were smaller. As a result, story threads have come up that are not in the book. So just by nature of that, there’s stuff that’s different. There are also things that people will recognize. I’m not going to say what is what, as I don’t want to spoil anything plotwise, but I’m so proud of these first nine episodes. I think that the last seven are even better and deeper and more emotional. I hope that people who watch the show are going to love them even more than they loved season two, part one.

There’s sadness and pain in it, and there’s also a lot of joy and resolution. It runs the gamut of all the emotions. There are definitely things for people who love the book, and then there’s also going to be surprises if you know the book well. There always has been stuff that is new that you weren’t necessarily expecting because I think it’s fun to keep it fresh. 

I always knew where I wanted the series to end up and where the story was going. Hopefully, after the last seven, you’ll feel like, “Oh, that was a complete and really satisfying journey I went on.”

So Kate may not pass away or she may, we don’t know.

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