Former Comms Director Hits Trump’s Racist 'Rigger' Blowhorn

Trump lashed out at Fulton County DA Fani Willis on his failing Truth Social platform, attacking her and the other people he accused of engaging in a witch hunt against him of being “RIGGERS!”.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that heard that word and immediately thought it was a none too subtle way for Trump to let his followers know he’d really like to be spouting the N-word at all of them without actually having to admit that that’s what he was doing.

CNN commentator Keith Boykin posted this on Twitter in response to Trump’s racist crap:

Jake Tapper and his fellow CNN host Kaitlan Collins showed the clip of Boykin, and after Collins weighed in on the fact that Trump is probably making life miserable for any of his lawyers that are having to deal with his constant outbursts and threats, Tapper asked former Trump comms director Alyssa Farah Griffin what she thought of Boykin’s claim “that the use of the word rigger is not unintentional.”

Griffin responded by stating the obvious when it comes to Trump. “With Trump, you don’t need to look for a dogwhistle – it’s a bullhorn when it comes to race, and I do think that’s deliberate.”

“We’ve seen the, I mean, slanderous attacks that he’s put out against Fani Willis,” Griffin continued. “You know, alleging things I won’t even repeat, so he’s not really hiding that he’s going to lean into that element and this is, you know, taking place just outside of Atlanta. When you saw the courtroom. It was a lot of Black men and women who were serving in that courtroom. The fact that he’s introducing race into this prosecution surprises me, it’s disgusting, it’s textbook Donald Trump, but it comes as no surprise.”

He’s only been doing this sort of stuff for his entire life. Why it’s still up for debate at all now is beyond me.

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