Former Sexual Predator-In-Chief Proclaims He 'Protects Women'

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I’m not sure just how stupid his voters have to be to fall for something like this, but I’m guessing somewhere between brain dead and comatose, or you spend your entire day watching either Fox, OANN, or Newsmax, which amounts to the same thing.

During a rally in Georgia this weekend, Trump was rambling on about the debates during his first run for president, and is still obviously very angry at Megyn Kelly for daring to ask him about his sexist remarks about women.

He was also rehashing where he stood on the debate stage during the primary, as though anyone besides himself cares about that. How most of them weren’t running for the exit doors rather than listen to his blathering is beyond me.

Here’s low energy Trump whining about Kelly and pretending he somehow “protects women.”

TRUMP: And I announced and immediately went to number one and stayed there for a long time. Remember I had center of stage and then I got angry because I said no, no, I want to be in the center. I don’t want to be tied for the center. Those guys don’t come close, so we had to have a different number, so it didn’t have to be 10. It had to be nine or it had to be 11. It had to be something, but it it couldn’t be an even number.

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