Fox And Friends Admits Biden Did What He Needed To Do

Earlier today on Fox and Friends, co-host Lawrence Jones finally admitted that President Biden’s State of the Union speech accomplished exactly what he needed to do to rally the base and show the American people he is in charge.

“It’s clear that Biden did what he needed to do last night to unify his party, they were all singing his praises last night,” Jones explained. “You got the pundits on television that are now rallying behind Biden.”

“The Republicans better get it together, better figure out what they believe. They got a nominee, now. They need to be in lockstep because the Democrats are going to be in lockstep,” he said.

Jones then bashed Sen. Lankford for continually trying to get a bipartisan border bill passed. Jones lied by saying the American people have rejected the bill. Polling shows they wanted a deal.

Joey Jones then chimed in.

“The GOP divide between the House and Senate, just in style in general is really a detriment for them right now,” JJ said.

The two Joneses are worried that Senate Republicans aren’t drinking all of the MAGA Kool-Aid. It’s not House policy to actually try to remedy the immigration issues.

Remember that Fox and the Murdochs hoped that DeSantis would save them from the Trump disaster they know is coming. Remember Ron DeSantis?

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