Fox Isn't Buying What Ron Johnson Is Selling Anymore

On Wednesday morning, before Hunter Biden was to testify, Ron Johnson went on Fox to discuss what to expect with Maria Bartiromo. However, Bartiromo did the unexpected and asked for what specific evidence proves that Joe Biden’s hand were dirty and that he knowingly gained from influence peddling.

Johnson was at a lost and just started issuing general accusations without offering one scrap of evidence or a single fact that he was basing his allegations on:

Well, first of all, he’s lied repeatedly. Why do you lie repeatedly if you don’t have something to cover up? President Biden is the don of the Biden crime family. Often times the dons kind of sit above all the criminal activity that occurs, but they’re totally responsible for it. It was his name they were peddling. It was his position that garnered millions of dollars from China and from Ukraine and from Russia. He is the head of the family. He was fully aware of it. He lied about the fact that he was aware of it. I think he’s completely complicit.

Bartiromo again pressed for the actual evidence. She even tried to lead RoJo down the path to say that he had bought all sorts of homes that he could not have afforded on just a senator’s salary or even a vice-president’s salary. But by this time, RoJo was too much like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car and just repeated the same baseless accusations.

One must wonder if RoJo ever realized that the things he was saying fit the Trump Klan perfectly. From the Don Donald Trump to all his underlings, including his own children and top aides who are now facing charges along with Don Donald.

And I sure am glad that I was drinking anything when I saw this interview, because when RoJo went rambling on about why would anyone lie if they didn’t have something to cover up, my first thought was of RoJo himself and the literally scores of different stories he has given in an effort to explain away his involvement in the fake elector scheme. Hell, RoJo went so far as to try to pretend he was taking a phone call just to avoid having to answer questions about his involvement. So RoJo, why would you lie if you didn’t have something to cover up about that? Hmmmm?

On a final note, RoJo might want to rethink his entire approach to things, whether it’s the fake Biden impeachment, to his malarkey about COVID vaccines and about the insurrection. Because if you’re losing Fox with all your bullshit, you’re really in trouble.

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