Fox News Anchor: Hillary Clinton Is ‘So Evil’

In the middle of a discussion with former Rep. Jason Chaffetz about the Hunter Biden “scandal,” Faulkner suddenly switched the topic to attacking Hillary Clinton for using the name “Hitler” when talking about Faulkner’s beloved Donald Trump.

Clinton’s sin was committed on The View when she said, apparently about the prospect of Donald Trump getting re-elected, “I can’t even think that, because I think it would be the end of our country as we know it.” Then she pointed out that Hitler was “duly elected” before his “dictatorial authoritarian tendencies” were fully on view. “Trump is telling us what he intends to do,” she said, obviously referring to his plan to jail his political foes.

Clinton did not say Trump is like Hitler. She seemed to be saying that elections do not protect against dictators or authoritarians. If anything, she was drawing a distinction between Trump and Hitler.

But Harris Faulkner’s Trump-worshiping fee-fees were hurt. “She’s so evil,” Faulkner said about Clinton. “In the middle of Israel at war with terrorists, to bring up any comparison with Hitler is just heartless, heartless,” Faulkner continued, “I call her one of the many now ongoing heart donors on the planet.”

As if Faulkner’s hero is Mr. Compassionate. He attacked Israel and praised Hezbollah as “very smart” in the middle of the same war. And never mind that Clinton was talking about democracy, not Jews or Israel. Yet, this is the same Harris Faulkner who took great offense at being called a member of the far right because, she insisted, she’s a “journalist.”

Not surprisingly, Jason “Benghazi” Chaffetz was all in on the poutrage. “There were 10 million people that were slaughtered,” by Hitler, he added. “To compare Donald Trump to Hitler is just delusional and it’s sad.” He went on to praise Trump for not getting into wars, having a secure border and a “humming” economy. Just pay no attention to the fact that he tried to start an insurrection in order to overturn an election and keep himself in power!

For extra gratuitous meanness, Chaffetz said, “Obviously she’s a little bitter because she was measuring the drapes, thought she was gonna move in and you know, be the next president. But no, she got beat and beat badly.”

Actually, Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Republicans, it’s that they don’t care about democracy.

One thing these two propagandists didn’t say? They never said Trump would not do the kinds of things Clinton said he would do if he gets elected again.

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