Fox's Hannity Pressuring Moderates To Vote For Jordan For Speaker

Everyone knows Fox is a dumpster fire and nothing more than right wing propaganda, and apparently besides their general awfulness with propping up Republicans and repeating their lies day in and day out, one of their evening hosts has also decided to directly involve himself in getting one of the worst human beings serving in the United States House of Representatives elected as the new speaker.

Sean Hannity had sexual assault enabler Gym Jordan on his show a couple of weeks ago shortly after this whole debacle first started, and Jordan was promising this whole thing would be over the following week and Hannity seemed delighted at the prospect that he might be addressing Jordan as Mr. Speaker “this time next week.”

Well, we all know that didn’t happen, and now with the real possibility of 20 plus Republicans lining up against Jordan who really don’t want to vote for him, it’s been reported that Hannity is now pressuring Republican moderates to vote for Jordan:

Axios reporter Juliegrace Brufke revealed Sunday evening that Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) tactics are annoying moderates as he uses far-right allies to pressure them into electing him as House speaker.

Jordan is using Fox host Sean Hannity to help put pressure on the non-Jordan supporters.

An email was given to her revealing “Stephanie” from Sean Hannity’s show is emailing officials asking to confirm they are not supporting Jordan.

As the post at Raw Story noted, this very well may backfire. Jordan wants to force a vote on the floor, and CNN reported that the number lining up against Jordan may be as many as 40. Why any of them want to make this clown who enabled sexual abuse the face of their party is beyond me. They can try to ignore it as Mace did, but it’s just going to make all of them look ridiculous and stupid.

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