Fox's Watters Accuses Biden Of 'Being On Speed Or Something' During SOTU Address

Here’s how Fox has decided to do damage control after their narrative that Biden is some doddering old man that can barely stay awake blew up in their faces following his fiery State of the Union address. We already saw Hannity directly following the speech calling Biden “jacked up Joe” and accusing him of being “a hyper-caffeinated, angry old man.”

Now we’ve got his fellow MAGA propagandist Jesse Watters literally accusing Biden of taking speed or some other drugs. Here’s Watters on this Friday’s The Five:

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): If you see a horse, and the horse is old and injured and mopes around the barnyard, and then all of a sudden you race the horse and he fires out of the gate and laps everybody — what did they give the horse?

Jessica, the man has walked around lethargically for the last three years. Barely picks his head up, can’t hear, is out of breath, falls asleep, skips dinners internationally, dies out during funeral processions. All of a sudden, this guy is, like, on speed or something, Jessica. To dismiss it like, “Oh, he’s definitely clean.”

He should pee in a cup, because there is no way Joe Biden can sustain that type of energy.

Biden still rides a bicycle and is in great shape for someone his age. Hell, he’s in great shape compared to a whole lot of people who are a lot younger than him. Trump would keel over if he tried to keep up with Biden’s exercise routine. But Fox has to keep their caricature going.

It’s also pretty rich that any of them are accusing Biden of doing drugs after it just came out that Trump’s quack doctor turned Congressman Ronny Jackson was handing out drugs like candy during Trump’s time in office. You’ll never see them mention that on Fox though.

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