Fox's Watters Baselessly Accuses Biden DOJ Of Blackmail Following Brothel Bust

Fox’s Jesse Watters used the bust of a “high-end profile brothel network” to attack the Biden DOJ and accuse them of blackmail, and to take some more cheap shots at Hunter Biden. As CNN reported this week, the DOJ announces arrests in ‘high-end brothel network’ used by elected officials, military officers and others :

Three individuals have been arrested on charges of operating a “high-end brothel network” in Massachusetts and Virginia with a clientele that included elected officials, military officers and government contractors with security clearances, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

“Pick a profession,” Joshua Levy, acting US attorney for Massachusetts, said of the sprawling client list during a press conference in Boston. “They’re probably represented in this case.”

Levy did not identify any of the brothel’s clients and noted that multiple search warrants are being executed in the case in Massachusetts, California and Virginia. […]

“This case goes back to the summer of 2022 when investigators identified several buyers through surveillance phone records and interviews,” Levy said. “The buyers who made up this ring hail from an array of professions.”

He added: “They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are accountants, they are elected officials, they are executives of high tech companies and pharmaceutical companies, they are military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists. They are the men who fuel this commercial sex ring.”

“There are potentially hundreds of individuals who took these services as commercial sex buyers,” Levy said, noting the investigation is still in its early stages.

“Alleged prospective sex buyers in this scheme first had to respond to a survey and provide information online, including their driver’s license photos, their employer information, credit card information, and they often paid a monthly fee to be part of this.”

After discussing some of the same reporting on the sting as the CNN article and showing a portion of a presser on it from earlier this week, Watters proceeded to gripe about the public not being allowed to see the client list before he baselessly accused the Biden DOJ of blackmail.

WATTERS: So we didn’t see the DC madam’s list, we didn’t see Epstein’s client list and now we’re not going to see the sex club client list. Okay.

So Biden’s prosecutors are telling us foreign nationals who appear to be from across the Pacific have blackmail information on some of America’s top politicians, military and business executives. Okay. Comforting.

Are Biden’s prosecutors covering up the client list? Or, are Joe Biden’s prosecutors going to use the client list to blackmail the clients? This is a rerun of what happened to Hunter.

How this is supposedly a “rerun” of what happened to Hunter Biden in Watters’ world, I’m not sure, since all he did is show some muddled audio of him and video that didn’t even seem to match it, talking about people with compromising videos of him and his computer being stolen.

It really just looked like another excuse to take a cheap shot at Hunter Biden, and to pretend he somehow compromised our national security when he never held a position in government. And as far as Epstein’s client list Jesse, I’d love to see that one as well since your buddy Trump is likely on it.

It’s always just pure projection with these people. And on that topic, go listen to Keith Olbermann’s podast this week where he talks about the Trump flacks trying to blackmail Jeff Bezos, and how there’s no way in hell that was the first time one of them did it. The segment on Bezos is towards the end.

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