George Santos Is Raising Negative Money

Ok, well this is amusing but it also means quite frankly that George Santos isn’t going to run for Congress next year because he’s broke. But he might be under arrest or imprisoned by then anyway so it’s all good.

Source: Politico

Embattled Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) issued more money in refunds than he took in from donors last quarter, calling into question his ability to run for reelection next year.

His campaign also disclosed debt from last year that was not properly reported at the time — or in filings since.

Santos’ campaign refunded more than $35,000 to donors between July and September while taking in only $1,704 in new donations, according to his latest campaign finance report. His campaign also spent more than $42,000 over the period, $20,000 of which was classified as legal expenses. That left him with less than $23,000 in his campaign account.

The filing also for the first time disclosed more than $120,000 owed to vendors seemingly dating back to 2022 for expenses including election night catering and a “mail fundraising” program. Campaigns are allowed to take on such debts, but they are supposed to be reported on the filing for that quarter as well as every subsequent filing. A line in Sunday’s report said Santos’ current treasurer only became “aware of prior debt in the current period.” His treasurer did not immediately respond to an inquiry about when the debt was incurred.

The worst filing ever by a congressman who is not retiring, probably.

So riddle me this: How does a guy with no money and a mountain of debt (personal and campaign) still manage to go shopping at ultra-exclusive boutiques, like Hermès? One of life’s many mysteries.

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