GOP Candidate Refuses To Drop Out After Special Olympics Slur

JR Majewski shitting the bed once again, as he did in 2022 when he somehow managed to lose in a specially gerrymandered district against Rep. Marcy Kaptur “guaranteed” to elect a Republican. He lost by 13 points.


It seems highly unlikely that Republicans will repeat that mistake again but who knows.

Source: Business Insider

JR Majewski, a controversial GOP House candidate in Ohio, is refusing to drop out of the race after referring to Special Olympics participants as “fucking retarded.”

“After carefully considering the pressure and attacks by the Washington Establishment Machine, my family and I have decided that there is no mission more important than continuing this race and standing strong for the patriots I committed to fight for,” Majewski said in a defiant statement on Wednesday.

As Business Insider first reported earlier this month, Majewski made the disparaging comments during an appearance on a conservative podcast.

“Shout out to all the Democrats living in Mom’s basement that like to talk shit on the Internet. You know, no matter how hard you try, arguing on the Internet, it’s like being in the Special Olympics,” he said. “No matter how good you perform, you still have… you’re still fucking retarded at the end of the day.”

I guess he thought he was being clever, “Trump-like”, referencing “Democrats living in Mom’s basement” as being mentally disabled. That would seem to a more apt description for someone purportedly running for Congress making offensive ableist statements such as these.

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