GOP Rep. Bob Good Doubles Down On Draconian Abortion Stance

Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good doubled down on the GOP’s losing stance on abortion during an appearance on Kenneth Copelend’s evangelical “news” network this week.

Here’s Good just one day after Republicans took a thumping in elections across the country, insisting they become even more extreme in the wake of those losses:

On Wednesday, Republican Rep. Bob Good of Virginia appeared on the “Victory News” program, where he declared that in the wake of these losses, Republicans must become even more uncompromising and extreme on the issue of abortion.

“We are right on every issue; the Democrats are wrong on every issue,” Good proclaimed. “That’s why they frantically cling to abortion as the only issue that they think may work for them, and in some cases it has demonstrated that it does.”

“Part of the problem is that we surrender and we default to the media narrative, the left’s narrative that this is a loser for us,” he continued. “We need to be unflinchingly, unapologetically pro-life. I think when you have moderation, you have tepid, vanilla, benign statements on the issue of life—if you’re trying to talk about 15-week bans that only effect less than 10 percent of abortions—I think what that does is that demotivates our base. It’s not inspirational. It suppresses turnout in red states, and it leads to us losing elections.”

“We need to be bold and aggressive and paint with bright red colors on this issue,” Good said.

They’ve learned nothing, and nothing will change that other than drumming as many of them as possible out of office.

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