GOP Rep. Brian Mast Plays Dress Up In IDF Uniform

The Republican Party loves a good performative stunt. I mean, anything to distract from the fact that they are utterly useless, cannot get anything done and focus on petty infighting and public squabbles.

So, it should not shock anyone that one of their own decided to play dressup as an Israel IDF soldier while working ON CAPITOL HILL. Not joking. Think about this – an American Congressman dressed up as a soldier from ANOTHER COUNTRY and thought that was totally ok.

Mast tweeted the following lame excuse that was actually filled with lies:

The only problem with this is that he didn’t actually SERVE. IDF soldiers are recruited after graduation from high school and usually serve a minimum of 2 years and then remain on standby for call up, as needed. How do I know this? I am half Israeli and many of my family members have served for real. Not dress up.

The facts are as follows: Mast actually did serve in the U.S. Army. He suffered a serious injury after stepping on an IED and did lose both of his legs. After that devastating injury, he volunteered with Israel’s Sar-El program, not as a soldier with the IDF. As part of this program, he provided volunteer work such as “non-combat civilian support duties such as packing medical supplies, repairing machinery and equipment; packing and checking all kinds of equipment as well as cleaning, painting, and maintaining the base” and typical volunteer stretches last a few weeks.

While his volunteering is wonderful, it can by no means be described as “serving” in the IDF. That is beyond offensive to the real soldiers that serve for years at a time.

Stick to your day job, Brian. Or at the very least show up for the Speaker vote. I mean, it is the bare minimum you can do. Please leave dressing up for Halloween.

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