GOP Senator Dodges On Trump Calling Hezbollah 'Very Smart'

GOP Senator Tom Cotton resorted to the usual attacks on Joe Biden rather than address the stuff that came out of Trump’s mouth this week. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, host Shannon Bream asked Cotton about Trump calling Hezbollah “very smart” and taking shots at Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which you would think would make him persona non grata among Republicans, but apparently not in Trump’s case who gets a pass for everything, consistency or lucidity be damned.

BREAM: I want to ask you about former president Trump. This week he took a number of swipes at Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is in the middle of a war now. There were… it raised a lot of eyebrows. People were concerned. When this is a person who’s been described as the most pro-Israel president in history. He has a lot of actions and a record to show that. Were you surprised by his take and the words of calling Hezbollah “very smart?” Not that he supports them, but giving them any kind of accolades in the middle of this.

COTTON: Well, he says now that he stands firmly with Israel and with the prime minister. I understand they’ve had some personal disagreements, but when you’re in the middle of a war, obviously personal disagreements between heads of states pale in comparison to the national interest.

I know that President Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have had their differences as well, but he has said that he’s going to give unwavering rock solid support to the prime minister.

What concerns me even more is this administration’s actions. As I’ve said, they’ve been soft on Iran versus President Trump, who was very, very tough on Iran and stood squarely with Israel.

So nice to see Cotton doing damage control for Trump who knows he stepped in it and tried to walk his comments back.

If you want to look at their “actions” you can look to what Trump did with axing the Iran nuclear deal, which, as we discussed here at the time just pushed them closer to developing a nuclear weapon.

Look for the war mongers like Cotton to push for war with Iran next. He’s been a broken record on this forever and that’s one thing we can count on never changing.

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