GOP: We Lost On Tuesday Because Of Money, Not Abortion

Scott Walker took a break from freeloading at the Ray Gun Ranch to pen an op ed in the right wing rag Washington Times. You can tell he wrote it himself by the fact that it makes no damn sense, grammatically or logically. In the article, Walker claims that the Republicans got their asses handed to them on Tuesday wasn’t because of abortion but because the Democrats had more money:

Money, money, money.

Money, not abortion, was the deciding factor in the elections this past Tuesday. Liberals had a financial advantage in five of the six states where major races took place this week. Not surprisingly, they won in five of those six states.

The Republicans have tried similar arguments before. For example, they would justify their right to work laws or Citizens United by claiming that unions spent just as much money, if not more, than businesses. Studies showed that the reality was that companies spent exponentially more than the ten biggest unions combined.

Walker also seems to have conveniently forgotten that the GOP is the party of the wealthy. They have people like the Kochs,, Diane Hendricks and the Bradley Foundation that will give them millions of dollars above and below the table like it was nothing.

But the greatest lie is when one considers that if the Democrats actually did have more money to spend this year, it is surely because abortion rights is such a big topic. Just as more people are showing up at the polls this year, more people are donating to the candidates who promise to protect their health care rights. It was that way in the spring, when Wisconsin Justice Janet Protasiewicz won by 11 points and it was that way on Tuesday. And it will be that way in 2024, especially as long as there are Republicans like House Sphincter Jeebus Johnson calling for a national abortion ban.

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