Great Jobs Report Puts Maria Bartiromo On Full-Tilt

US job growth beat expectations by 75,000 in February, causing FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo to launch into another wingnut conspiracy theory.

The jobs report total 275,000 created while unemployment slightly rose to 3.9%.

Appearing in a septuplet screen (seriously) to hypnotize their viewers, Maria quickly jumped in to downplay the strong economy.

After claiming small businesses are afraid their taxes are going up, she began her pinball rant.

“Charles, if you’ve got the government holding the strings and pulling the strings, of course, you’re going to get a better showing than reality!” Bartiromo claimed.

Huh? So every jobs report is bogus since President Biden took office?

“I’m wondering if this is going to be the case all year until election day. I mean, government’s creating all these jobs, making the numbers look so great, government could also impact the price of oil, get gasoline down right before the election by putting more pressure on the Saudis to pump more, putting more expectation on more oil in the market!” she exclaimed.

Republicans and their media lackeys spent Biden’s three years in office attacking him for gas prices and oil production, so now, as the US produces more oil than it ever has, she’s claiming if we actually put more pressure, the Saudis produce more oil, that’s a deep state conspiracy.

“Should we be buying all of this going into the election or should we just expect government’s heavy-handed and all these numbers?” she asked.

It never stops with these nut jobs.

Numbers don’t lie, Maria. But you certainly do.

Charles Payne never one to disprove a conspiracy theory came up with his own weird analogy

“It’s like when you go see ‘Jurassic Park,’ you got to suspend disbelief,” Payne said.

The numbers must be real, since diminished Donald keeps claiming the stock markets and the jobs report keep rising because he’s ahead in some polls.

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