Grooming Children, The Donald Trump Rally Edition

Child indoctrination suggests forcibly or coercively causing folks to act and think based on a particular ideology. Trumpism is a cult. And we’ve all witnessed that. They’ll justify it no matter what the former President does or says. Like calling his successor a “dumb son of a bitch,” for example. He banged a porn star, and evangelicals didn’t even blink.

At Trump’s rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, the Right Side Broadcasting Network covered it, as usual. And one of their reporters is Trump’s former attorney Christina Bobb. As small children at the rally chanted, “We love Trump” and “Let’s Go, Brandon,” Bobb replied, “Raising your kids right” to the mother.

I don’t blame the children. They learned that behavior from someone (looking at you, Mom.) The kids seemed so excited, as if they pleased their Mom, as they chanted, “Let’s Go, Brandon!” which means “Fuck Joe Biden!”.

This is a perfect example of child grooming, which means building a relationship, trust, and emotional connection with a child so they can manipulate and exploit them. This time, it’s for political purposes by a cult member.

Whether we call it child indoctrination or grooming, it has the same disturbing result.

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