Hilary Duff Jokes About ‘Smooching It Up’ With John Corbett on How I Met Your Father

In her younger years, Hilary Duff worked with both of Carrie Bradshaw’s big loves: She catfished Chris Noth, who played Big. in The Perfect Man (2005) and got music lessons from Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) in Raise Your Voice (2004). Now, on the second season of her Hulu sitcom How I Met Your Father, she’s reuniting with one of them…and hooking up with him.

The actor-producer addressed the pairing—which comes with a 26-year age gap—with a laugh and a smile on Late Night With Seth Meyers, telling the host, “He sure did [play my teacher], and now we are smoochin’ it up!” 

Duff in 2004’s Raise Your Voice.

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Meyers and Duff agreed the pairing would have been “very, very bad” in 2004. Now that it’s two adults, as Meyers said, “Everybody’s gotta be cool.”

“She’s thirty-five now,” Duff added. “We’re cool.”

Hilary Duff also addressed Corbett’s iconic role on *Sex and the City—*can we please talk about him in My Big Fat Greek Wedding someday? Please?—which he’s set to reprise in the second season of And Just Like That…

“I mean, yes, aren’t we all?” she said when Meyers asked if she was a fan of the show. “It’s a forever goody. But also, in my mind, he’s Aiden. I did call him John on set, but I have to suffer through—not suffer through, but a lot of my life, I’m called Lizzie, so, he’s Aiden.” Fair. In fact, she was gonna get a reboot of her own and be Lizzie once more, but that’s an old wound, I don’t wanna talk about it.

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